We help decision makers understand their data

Production plants produce an overwhelming amount of data

We help you analyse and visualise the most important data to understand your plant’s performance and make better decisions

4 simple steps we follow


We collect data from your plant database


Our team of experts analyse your data and are able to provide domain specific insights


The insights are visualised in an interactive dashboard catered to your needs


We then automate the steps to provide the right people, with the right information, at the right time, to make the right decision

Additional Services

SCADA & Data Audit

Ensure that your SCADA is setup correctly and the data storage and logging complies to best practice

Data Management

Shaping and cleaning databases to allow for improved querying of data for business intelligence platforms

Network Maintenance

Maintenance and monitoring services of the communication network between your site and the cloud


Although we prefer cloud storage we can also deploy our solution at your premise


Visualisation of data in other formats such as virtual reality (VR) and video animation for stakeholder engagement

Advanced Analytics

Applying various machine learning models to domain specific plant data, we're able to identify and map key features that can optimise your plant